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Katie and Leanne
Katie and Leanne sitting on the bank outsite the flat
Leanne and Katie
Katie and Leanne sitting outsite the flat
Matt Hanging Teddy
Matt happily stringing up Rowland sister's teddy
Rowland takes a photo of himself
Everyone smiles for the camera
Watching TV
Watching TV and writing addresses in address books
Birthday Party
Photo from Noah's birthday party
The Kitchen Mess
A not-so-bad day for the kitchen
Dirty Dishes
Right hand sink full of mouldy dirty dishes that have been left unwashed for weeks
Alex in the Kitchen
Alex proud after cleaning up the kitchen
The Kitchen Area
The kitchen in a cleaner state than ever before
Alex Dancing
Alex doing his groovy dancing in a groovy way
TV and Dining Area
The dining area with the TV left on

Get a high quality printable version of these photos here (Word Document, 10.5MB).